I’m still here.

Hello guys! It’s me, Penrock13 (now Trapper Keeper) I’d just like to say that i’m probably the only person who still goes here. If anyone else still reads this blog, please comment this.


Applications closed

Hey gamers!
Recently the game applications have been closed. If you see my replies that says “Applications closed.” That means they are closed. To be a mod or admin now you must be a smart person and must have a wordpress account. Any fakers or inpersonaters of my staff will be now IP banned and IP banned of the game too. If you want to know why it is closed please comment or send me a email. I do have a new email though, 🙂

My new email is brandonhurley2@gmail.com . Please notify me if someone is hacking or if there is abusing of powers. Thank you all for reading gamers. And I hope I can post again soon.

Byee :3

Staff Meeting

Dear staff members,

We will have a staff meeting at the staff room. If you are moderator or administrator you say !staffroom
to be in the staff room. !staffroom is only a mod/admin/owner/med command. If people are reading this publicly do not comment. Before commenting look on the staff page and see if you are on the staff list. Do not fake/impersonate these staff members. If you do you will be IP banned from the CPPS and the blog.

Date: 4/1/14
Time: 6:10 EST standard time zone

Invited people:
Keanu72 (Keanu73)
Do not come unless you are on this invite list. If you are on the invited list and you do not have admin or mod or med or owner you will be TPed in if blog staff and that happened.
Server: 4207b CPPS Staff/meeting server
That is all for now!
4207b CPPS Owner

I am sick!

Dear readers,
I got sick yesterday and I am still sick today. My walking ammonia is gone. But things became more worse. I have a sore neck, A runny nose, Vomiting, And bad coughing. Someone will need to help me post a little. Invite your friends. And applications are closed. If you comment on the page. I will delete your comment for attorney! Please invite your friends to play. I will tell you users and staff when I will be active and posting again. If you need to contact me, Please contact me now please. So, Please write me and contact me now by putting your username in the form please. Thank you all.